Why You Need Golfing Gloves?
Why You Need Golfing Gloves

Golf is a sport that requires precision and control. Every aspect of your swing needs to be carefully considered and executed to achieve the best results. One of the most overlooked aspects of a golfer’s equipment is their gloves. Golf gloves are not just for aesthetics, but they serve an important purpose in improving a golfer’s performance. In this article, we will discuss why you need golfing gloves and how they can help you on the course.

Firstly, golfing gloves provide grip and control. During a golf swing, the grip on the club is crucial. Without a secure grip, the club can slip out of your hands, leading to a poorly executed shot. Golf gloves are designed with textured palms that provide an excellent grip on the club, even in wet or humid conditions. They also prevent the club from twisting in your hand, which helps you maintain your swing plane and prevent hooking or slicing the ball.

Secondly, golf gloves can prevent blisters and calluses. Repeated swings without proper protection can cause friction between the club and your skin, leading to blisters and calluses. Not only are these painful, but they can also affect your grip and control of the club. Golf gloves act as a barrier between your skin and the club, preventing friction and reducing the risk of blisters and calluses.

Thirdly, golf gloves can improve comfort and reduce fatigue. Golfing requires a lot of hand movements, and without proper support, your hands can quickly become fatigued. Golf gloves are designed with padding on the palms and fingers, which helps absorb shock and reduce fatigue. This extra padding also provides extra comfort, allowing you to play longer without discomfort.

Lastly, golf gloves can improve hygiene. Golf courses can be dirty, and golfers often touch the ground or the ball with their hands. By wearing gloves, you can reduce the amount of dirt and sweat that accumulates on your hands. This not only improves hygiene but also prevents the transfer of dirt and germs to other areas of your body.

Another consideration when purchasing golfing gloves is the type of material they’re made of. Most golfing gloves are made of leather, synthetic materials, or a combination of both. Leather gloves tend to be more durable and offer better grip, but they can be expensive and require more maintenance. Synthetic gloves are usually more affordable, easier to care for, and can offer similar grip and control as leather gloves.

Golfers also have the option to purchase gloves for either their dominant or non-dominant hand. Golfers who wear gloves on their non-dominant hands tend to do so for grip and control purposes, while golfers who wear gloves on their dominant hands tend to do so for comfort and protection purposes.

Finally, it’s important to note that golfing gloves should be replaced regularly, as they can become worn and lose their effectiveness over time. Some golfers prefer to switch gloves every few rounds, while others may switch every few months or as needed.

Franklin Sports Premium Men’s Golf Glove

Franklin Sports Premium Men's Golf Glove

Men Golf Gloves

  • PREMIUM LEATHER: Our top-notch, smooth sheepskin Cabretta cowhide is dealt with, prepared, and altogether assessed by our group of specialists to guarantee quality, strength, delicateness, and flexibility
  • Consistent PALM: Single-piece, consistent palm configuration expands the life expectancy of gloves and forestalls rankling in the palm. Gloves are accessible for both left and right gave players
  • Attractive BALL MARKER: Removeable, tough attractive ball marker gives predominant comfort on the green
  • TRI-CURVE TECHNOLOGY: All Franklin golf gloves are exceptionally designed to follow the pre-bended life structures of the human hand to diminish grouping and improve fit, feel, and execution
  • BREATHABILITY/MOISTURE CONTROL: Strategically set holes on finger backs and knuckle connect take into consideration unrivaled ventilation and dampness of the board while holding the club
  • THE BEST GLOVE MAKERS: Franklin has been a pioneer in making creative gloves in outdoor supplies since 1946. These golf gloves join Franklin’s superior quality cowhide with their time of involvement in designing elite gloves

Sizing your Golf Glove is pretty easy

Step 1

You can go about it by measuring the palm of your dominant hand – be sure not to include your thumb in this measurement. If you are right-handed, measure your right hand, and if you are left-handed, measure your left hand. Take the tape measure right around your palm at the knuckle area to get a pretty accurate measurement. Record it.

Step 2

Take the length of your finger from the tip of the longest finger right down to the base of the same finger. Some stats show that this size averages from 3 and 1/4 inches for women to about 4 1/2 inches for men.

Step 3

Get hold of the handy Sizing chart at any Golf store or any other good golfing website. Size your hand up.

Step 4
Get the best-fitting golfing glove for your hand size, by trying on a few gloves. A nice tight fit should do it, but not too tight, as this will make the glove more prone to damage. Please also remember to not just buy for the sake of buying, remember to check whether it’s a right-handed or left-handed fit. Otherwise, you’ll have to spare some time for another trip to the golf equipment store.

Golf For Beginners – Golfing for Beginners

When you first take up golf, there is always the question of where to practice. The best place for beginners to refine their golfing skills is at a driving range. This is an easy place to examine your swing and begin your golfing career. At a driving range, you can hit a load of golf balls anywhere within reason and nobody around will mind if your shots are totally wild. Many driving ranges also have practice putting greens, chipping areas, and sand bunkers. These are great practice areas for the golfing beginner. This is also a great way to brush up on nearly every aspect of your game.

If you feel your golf swing is out of shape and would like to practice in private, then there is always

the option of practicing your swing in your own backyard. But when you are in your yard, it may be best to leave the golf balls in your golf bag. They are best reserved for open areas. When you feel ready to play a game, don’t try to jump into the deep end by taking the next plane to St. Andrews. You will get there, but you must first practice. They usually consist of 9 holes. This is perfect for practice games because you can practice your swing and get in some heavy putting practice. Don’t feel discouraged starting on a par-3; even Tiger Woods had to start somewhere.

You must hone your skills to become a master of the game and the only way to do that is through practice. When you feel you are ready for the 18-hole experience, ask for some recommendations, because you will need a longer excise without all the hazards that ruin a golfer’s experience. Look around for the best lengthy Golf Gloves Products. These Products will provide you with the most enjoyable experience while boosting your confidence and improving your game.

Comparison Table of the Best Golf Gloves


TaylorMade Men’s Tour Preferred Flex Golf GloveBest Deal

  • Extreme adaptability: 4 way stretch nylon embed offers ideal fit and solace
  • Improved breathability: deliberately positioned punctured calfskin for expanded wind current
  • Predominant fit: formed fit wristband with dampness wicking

Callaway Golf Men’s OptiColor Leather Glovebest offer

  • Opti feel+ calfskin – premium feel, fit, and solace
  • Holes on palm, fingers, and thumb – dampness decrease and expanded breathability
  • Opti fit flexible conclusion – slight, light, and secure fit

TaylorMade Men’s Stratus Tech Golf Glove (Pack of 2)Best Deal

  • Strong PERFORMANCE: Wear a safe blend of Hypertec and cowhide
  • SWEAT AND HUMIDITY RESISTANT: Hypertec material keeps a reliable hold in hot and moist conditions
  • Upgraded breathability: deliberately positioned miniature holes to advance breathability for any atmosphere


In conclusion, golfing gloves are an essential part of a golfer’s equipment. They provide grip and control, prevent blisters and calluses, improve comfort and reduce fatigue, and improve hygiene. Without proper gloves, golfers can experience decreased performance and discomfort. Investing in a good pair of golf gloves is a small price to pay for the benefits they provide. So, the next time you hit the links, don’t forget to bring your golfing gloves!